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Tutorial the First 
2nd-Aug-2007 01:05 am
Go from to in PSCS2 (works with earlier versions)
Level: Intermediate - Advanced (Not really but yeah)
Not intended for absolute beginners, basic knowledge of photoshop (layers, layer styles, etc) is needed.
Very image heavy, so dialup beware
And the amount of steps may make your brain unhappy.
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Hello and welcome to this tutorial. I don't know what crossed my mind to make such a multistep monster for a first tutorial, but I've never been the one to advocate 5 minute icons so quality and a shitload of time and loss of sleep is viable. So this is the brainchild of trying to find a "different" way to use light textures.

DO NOT follow everything step by step or exactly, Duplicate (except as practice or whatnot, to see how things work, but dumping something too similar in an icon post or something is out of the question), or whatever. This should only be used as a guide to hone your knowledge of techniques. Be spontaneous, be experimental, be creative.

I shall stop rambling now. Enjoy and I hope this has helped you in some way.
1) First I start off with some curves to do something with that yellow.
Result -

2) And some color balance:

Result -

3) Selective color:

Reds (Method: Absolute) -
Cyans:+36 Magneta:+53 Yellow:-2 Black:-9

Greens -
Cyan:+35 Magenta:+87 Yellow:+86 Black:+96

Cyans -
Cyan:-3 Magenta:+5 Yellow:0 Black:-6

Whites -
Cyan:+1 Magenta:-100 Yellow:0 Black:-72

Neutrals -
Cyan:-3 Magenta:-20 Yellow:-64 Black:0

Blacks -
Cyan:0 Magenta:0 Yellow:0 Black:+23

4) Duplicate the original base. Move it to the top, desaturate (ctrl-shift-u). And set layer to hard light.
(I just realized that it actually looks better without it, but it's a good step to tone down overly bright images)

5) I used a cropped version of this sparkle brush from hybrid genesis. The layer is on normal (if you're using the image provided, set it to screen) Oh and be sure to label it "sparkle" or something like that so you could go back to it later without layer searching.
(Yes, it's fugly, but we're getting there)

6) And then I put this light texture by ewanism and set it to overlay.
7) And some more color balance.


(Much better isn't it?)

8) I added some text.
((Everything is set to Crisp)
The font for the "F" is Enchanted Prairie Dog size 30 lowercase, I also used a 11% white outer glow and gradient overlay for layer style. The font for "orever" is Copperplate Gothic size 10 (I used a #b46b41 color outer glow at 100%). And the rest are gerogia size 6 (the sleep part is bolded).

9) So then I duplicated the same light texture that I had twice (set to lighten and 30% fill) and rotated it and moved it about so that they were on the top and bottom., I also erased the parts that I didn't want to show.
And with a 1px black border, you get this:

Looks pretty dandy already (I'll say), but now comes the fun part, the animation. It's not nessicary, but you know, the extra sparkle never hurt anyone (except dial-up *dodges coconuts*).
10) If your animation palette isn't showing already, go to Window>Animation. Or you could always jump to Imageready (But only if your version of PS is CS TO CS2, you stay where you are in PS3 I assume)
When it shows up, click the following to duplicate your animation layer.

Since I wanted my pulsing sparkles to go from sparkly to not-so-sparkly, you click on the second layer on the animation palette so it's highlighted. Go to the sparkle layer and lower the Opacity to 65%. For an added effect I deleted/disabled the glow on the "orever" part of the text.

11) Click on the first image on the animation palette again and click on tween. Use the following settings.

The more layers you add, the slower the animation is going to be.
Set the layer delay to .1 sec (or more, depending on how slow you want things to go) for each layer. To get all the layers at the same time, click the first layer, press Shift, and click on the last layer (one at a time, and you should keep your hand in place)

If it was done right, the animation should go like this:

As you can see, they are quite blinky and you don't have your nice pulsing sparklies yet.

12) Click on the first layer on the animation palette, drag it all the way to the end.

Now go on tween again (make sure that layer you just dragged is highlighted) and use the same settings as you did for the last tween.

And viola! It's nice and pulsey.

13) Last but not least, go to File> Save for Web, make any adjustments that you need to do, or if you need to adjust the quality for the userpic size limit.

Fin ~
Questions? Comments?
Be a pal and tell me how you think I did on my first time xD

Feel free to request tutorials on any of my anime icons.
 I can't guarantee that I could deliver exactly, since I don't save ever PSD file and I don't always tend to remember everything on my experimentations, but I'll try. :)
3rd-Aug-2007 03:45 am (UTC)
Oh my, this is such a unique and brilliant icon. I think you did very well for your first time! I'm definitely looking forward to trying this out.
3rd-Aug-2007 12:38 pm (UTC)
I love the way you did the text! This is great! I can't wait to give it a go :)

4th-Aug-2007 07:41 pm (UTC)
Awesomeness! Very pretty, memin fo sho ;)
7th-Aug-2007 04:35 pm (UTC)
That is the CUTEST. I'll have to try that out sometime =)
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